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The groundwork for Renal Associates was laid on October 30, 1972 when the Social Security Amendments of 1972 extended coverage to those with end-stage renal disease. This provided medical coverage to patients who otherwise would not have been able to afford kidney treatment. 
Dr. George ‘Tip’ McKnight and Dr. Tom Cock saw the need for a kidney treatment center on Baton Rouge. They created a hemodialysis physicians’ group (which later became Renal Associates) in 1973. They contacted National Medical Care (now Fresenius), and the two groups created a partnership in which Fresenius operated Baton Rouge-area dialysis units and Dr’s Cock and McKnight provided medical care. A house on West Boulevard was converted into the first outpatient dialysis facility and was known as the “Dialysis House”. Within a year, Dr. J.H. Lee joined the practice, and the dialysis unit expanded.

The group continued to grow and by 1998 when it became Renal Associates there were 6 physician partners.
In 2002 Renal Associates opened a Vascular Access Center to provide vascular access care and maintenance to patients receiving dialysis. Having a well-maintained vascular access provides good blood flow during hemodialysis.  Renal Associates was able to treat patients at the access center instead of sending them to the hospital for delayed care. The expedient and quality care provided by the Vascular Access Center served as a model for other nephrology groups across the nation.

 In November 2011, Renal Associates relocated it's main office and clinic to 5131 O’Donovan Drive, where it operates today. It also has 3 satellite clinics located in Gonzales, Livingston and Zachary. The practice has 13 Physicians, 8 Nurse Practitioners and over 40 highly qualified staff dedicated to providing quality care to patients with kidney issues in the Greater Baton Rouge area and beyond. Renal Associates partners with Fresenius Kidney at 23 dialysis locations across the Greater Baton Rouge area. Throughout its history Renal Associates has focused on improving care for patients with kidney disease, and though many aspects of the practice have evolved over the years, the excellent care and compassion that our care team shows to patients has remained constant.
We look forward to growing, advancing, and caring for our patients for many years to come.

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Renal Associates is the largest nephrology-specific practice in Louisiana. We are dedicated to providing excellent patient care and work hard to stay on the forefront of cutting-edge medical technology.

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